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Australians create a bricklayer robot

Every day there are changes in our world. If you open the latest technology news, you can see that some scientist has made an incredible discovery or invented something. Today in our article, you can learn about a new, absolutely revolutionary in its industry invention. Next, we will talk about a robot that will be able to build our world in the future.

The Hadrian X is a bricklayer robot invented by the Australian company Fastbrick Robotics. This invention gave a new boost to the construction industry.

What is the importance of Hadrian X?

This robot opens up new opportunities for construction companies who want to put it to work. The Hadrian X has many advantages to consider.

Construction time will be reduced

The robot’s bricklaying speed is 1,000 standard blocks per hour. This speed allows you to build one low-rise house in two days. Of course, the more rooms and floors, the longer it will take to build. However, it is already clear that this robotic builder will make construction much faster.

Increased safety

Everyone knows that human resources are assets worth protecting. A construction site is often a dangerous place with many life-threatening hazards. It is not uncommon for workers to be injured or even killed during construction. The Hadrian X significantly reduces the risk of injury on a construction site.

This point is beneficial not only for safety but also for the economics of construction companies. By using the robot, they will significantly reduce the cost of insurance payments to employees. Of course, such a robot requires special and expensive maintenance. However, its use will significantly reduce the number of injuries on construction sites.

How did the idea for Hadrian X come about?

The idea for such a robot came from Mark Pivac in 2005. He is an aeronautical engineer. At the time, Perth, where he was living, didn’t have enough workers to build houses. It was this combination of circumstances that prompted Mark to create the Hadrian X.

Will Hadrian X replace workers on construction sites?

The creator of this invention dispelled everyday people’s belief that the robot will replace humans at construction sites. This could be a problem because, at the moment, people around the world are losing their jobs due to the automation of processes.

Mark Pivac says that the primary goal of the Hadrian X is to help in places where there are not enough builders. Unfortunately, the construction profession is not very popular today, and the number of requests to build houses is growing. As a result, this robot should become, first and foremost, a friend of man.

The rapid development of technology in different areas often scares people. They think that in this way machines are replacing them. However, it is worth understanding that many opportunities open up in front of everyone at such moments. For example, every robot needs to be diagnosed and sometimes even repaired. In this way, only new jobs are created. It is also essential to understand that a robot cannot replace a good specialist in any field. The Hadrian X is another human invention that will give us a better future.

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