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Google Pixel’s Big Giveaway Is Your Chance to Get a Flagship Smartphone

Buying a smartphone from Google is the dream of many. The smartphone lineup is often in the news from technology, and every Google I/O show catches the attention of hi-tech enthusiasts around the world. However, what’s stopping many people from buying it is the hefty price tag. Why take the Google Pixel when you can buy an almost similar smartphone from Xiaomi, which costs half the price. But what if we told you that you could get the smartphone for free. 

Many websites have giveaways where lucky people become Pixel owners. For example, the Android Authority website is giving away smartphones to its users weekly. Every month they offer a new gadget, and recently users were offered the Google Pixel 4. 

But is the Pixel that good?

It’s always nice to get a free smartphone, but it would be a shame if it’s worse than the one you already have. However, the Google Pixel 4 is not that case. There’s a reason it has grabbed news from technology attention all over the world.

The Pixel has to show everyone how Android should work because who can be better than Google to be an example with that. To that end, the Pixel 4 was equipped with a near-top Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor with Adreno 640 when it was released. It doesn’t have as much memory as you’d find in a smartphone at this price point – 6GB of RAM and 64-128GB of storage with no memory card option (Google counts on the user storing files on cloud services).  

Additionally, the smartphone has Pixel Neural Core chips (which help with photo processing, speech recognition, and other similar tasks) and Titan M Security Module (whose name speaks for itself). There is only one SIM card slot, but there is eSIM support. Otherwise, everything else is standard: LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi ac, a small navigation kit, and NFC. 

There’s no point in discussing the test results; we’ve seen this processor many times before. Another thing is how the smartphone itself behaves. In this exact case, due to only 6 GB of RAM, the applications left in the background don’t stay there for long. The way the memory is optimized in, say, Samsung or OnePlus smartphones will keep apps open longer. But that’s probably the only thing that’s noteworthy because otherwise, it’s a fast and stable smartphone.  

At the same time, the Pixel will give the Android experience that the manufacturer originally intended. With Android 10, there’s a dark theme, voice recognition, more privacy settings and app access control for various smartphone functions, and interface customization options. At the same time, this smartphone guarantees to receive updates within three years of release, which is more than the average life cycle of such a device.

In good light, it’s pretty easy to get a good shot with the main camera. The sensor focuses quickly and rarely misses, picks up the white balance pretty accurately, and captures the colors correctly. In “take your smartphone out of your pocket and take a picture” mode, the Pixel is capable of not letting you down the vast majority of the time.  

If previously Google’s algorithms used to be an unusual feature, now it’s unlikely that anyone will be surprised by the night mode. All flagship smartphones already have such features, and you have to do your best to impress an experienced user. Nevertheless, the Pixel is still one of the strongest in this field. To distinguish itself in some way, the Astrophotography mode for capturing the night sky is here.

The Pixel 4’s touchscreen has a good oleophobic coating, on which your fingers glide well. Response to touch is considerably accurate, and the default text input is GBoard, which you can customize. 

PIN, face unlock, and password can secure the smartphone. Face recognition works well, but as before, it works with eyes closed. Google promises to fix this problem in an upcoming update. 

A couple of unique (so far) apps are also worth noting. “Security” allows you to enter your medical information and set emergency contacts on the locked screen. There’s also an accelerometer-based accident response feature. The updated Voice Recorder app now allows you to record your voice, make geotagging, search through existing voice memos, and use speech recognition.   

All in all, it is a stroke of luck to get such a marvel of technology for free. That is the reason to jump to the ceiling with joy. Although the Pixel giveaway is now over, the news from technology websites is constantly offering new products to their users to spur activity on the resource. For example, the Android Authority is now giving away the Samsung Galaxy A52. Don’t miss your chance!  

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