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Infinix Hot 10S: first impressions

Are you browsing various sites to find out what’s new in technology gadgets? Then there is great news for you because right now you are waiting for a detailed review of the new Infinix HOT 10S budget smartphone. You will learn all its important characteristics, and we will understand whether this smartphone is worth its money and whether it corresponds to the declared capabilities.

The question of price

We will note right away that its price is 5,990 PHP or about $130!

The first thing that catches your eye is the 6.82-inch liquid crystal display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. It has a pretty good resolution of 1640 x 720. Is it equipped with a protective glass known as Gorilla glass? No, not even a mention of it.

At maximum brightness, text, images, and videos are fine. If the screen falls into direct sunlight, there will be problems. However, every day you get more and more used to this situation because it is important to understand that you have in your hands a budget smartphone and not to place excessive demands on it. If you want a 1080p display, you’re better off looking for another smartphone.


If we talk about usability, this display is great for multitasking, the touch is recognized almost instantly.

The speaker in this smartphone is only one, it is located at the bottom of the device. At the same time, it transmits the sound perfectly, quite loud and clear. But be careful, because if you set the sound to maximum, it is possible distortions, and quite significant. That’s why it’s best not to use more than 80% of the maximum sound.

By placing a small distance from the phone, literally up to 1 meter, you can successfully record the sound on the microphone. The quality of communication here, by the way, is excellent, especially for such a budget model.

The camera

This smartphone is equipped with two cameras, the main and additional, 48 megapixels and 2 megapixels respectively. Autofocus, flash, and other interesting features are also present.

As for photo quality, they are surprisingly excellent, especially in daylight. However, sometimes the photos are even too contrasty. In low light, the photo quality leaves much to be desired, the colors are conveyed very poorly. Almost the same situation is observed in night mode.

Again we should focus on the budget price of the device and not demand too much from the camera. Especially because for its money it already takes very good pictures, quite clear and contrasting.

We could say that the additional camera does not differ from something special if it were not for such detail as unique autofocus with the function of eye detection. By the way, such a function is often not available even in more expensive devices.

Selfies images in daylight are quite saturated, but in low light colors and contrast are lost. Thus, we can conclude that both cameras of the budget smartphone are good enough if it were not for the problem with the quality of pictures in low light. If the company manages to solve this problem, it will have a very good advantage among users for whom the camera is of crucial importance.

The video camera of this device assumes the ability to record video in 2K format, which smartphones in the same price range do not allow to do.


Not every budget smartphone can get 252,455 points in AnTuTu V9.0.10-OB. This model managed to do it.

Despite this, in complex games such as Genshin Impact, this device pulls with difficulty, the user has to put up with frequent hangs. In this case, the game automatically goes to the lowest settings, apparently in order not to finally hang.

In less complex games, it is best to choose a high frame rate and medium graphics, otherwise, they may also lag. In short, if you choose a smartphone for games, it is better to choose something else. An hour of gaming will be quite enough for the phone to begin to heat a lot, and this is not good.


To ensure a high level of security, it is recommended to set the phone to unlock by fingerprint or by face. Both the first and second processes are done quite easily. However, if you wear a mask to protect against the coronavirus, your face will not be recognized, which is also quite inconvenient.

LTE, Bluetooth and wi-fi connections work steadily and without problems. The powerful 6000 mAh battery is enough to work for 11 hours until the next recharge. Quite a good indicator, however, not the best among all budget cars.

If your smartphone is discharged to 0%, it will take you about 2.5 hours to charge it again to 100%.

An interesting thing about the pre-installed apps is that along with google apps, the company installed some versions of its apps. However, this is not a big problem, because the user can always delete unnecessary applications and install new ones in their place.

Responsiveness of the smartphone and the speed of its work will please even skeptics who are sure that a budget smartphone can not work quickly and not give any trouble.


Given the cost of the smartphone, it is not surprising that it can not compete with the flagship models, but the manufacturer did not have such a goal. The specifications of this device, which costs 5,990 PHP, are amazing.

It works perfectly in multitasking, its battery lasts for 11 hours of uninterrupted work, and the quality of communication here is good. Both cameras please you with high-quality pictures, although in low light this quality significantly decreases. Heavy games are not for this smartphone, but with a simpler and less demanding he copes well.

The unpleasant thing is the presence of a huge number of pre-installed applications and advertising, which can not be removed.

In general, if you just need a good functional device and your requirements are at the level of your budget, then this model will be a good buy, which you will not have to regret.

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