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iPod Touch 2021: What To Expect From Apple’s New Project

Not so long ago, there was a rumour that Apple was preparing to release a new iPod touch.

The new device will come in a design similar to the iPhone 12 with flat edges and no top or bottom bezels. However, this news about the latest technologies raised many questions regarding the relevance of such a device in modern realities.

This can be due to several factors, and the future release may be justified since most likely Apple can present a new product in honour of the 20th anniversary of the iPod.

iPod in the Apple ecosystem

From year to year, Apple has promoted the idea that the iPod is a priority for listening to music. Initially, it was created for this niche, there were no analogues to it with all such capabilities.

As time went on, the iPhone appeared, and the iPod began to slowly fade into the background. Over time, it became a stripped-down version of a smartphone without a SIM card and with a less powerful iron body.

However, Apple continues to make players and insists that this device is for music. In addition, more powerful hardware was added to it to reach the majority of users and allow them to play projects for Apple Arcade.

Is the new device up-to-date?

Now, the iPod touch is a device tailored for the company’s services, but music remains a priority.

Apple announced that it is launching uncompressed audio on Apple Music. All subscribers will be able to listen to music without loss of quality.

And if the rumours about the release of a new generation of players are true, then the company will almost certainly put even more emphasis on the audio component of the gadget. The iPod turns 20 this year, a momentous event that cannot go unnoticed. For this anniversary, Apple may introduce something more advanced, while also further increasing the distance between the iPhone and the iPod.

The latest generation iPod was introduced in 2019 when the company has already massively abandoned the audio jack. However, the iPod touch 6 retained the minijack. And it will almost certainly be carried over to the next device in the line.

New device characteristics

Unofficial renderings of the new iPod Touch have been posted on social media. Judging by the pictures, the iPod Touch 2021 will not have the Touch ID key and the Face ID system, but this does not exclude the presence of a fingerprint sensor on the side.

Overall, it is unlikely that Face ID will appear in such a device, but Apple could embed a Touch ID scanner in the power button, as in the iPad Air (2020)

It is expected that the screen of the new device will be larger than that of the current iPod Touch. Like the iPhone 12, the new iPod features a flat design with non-rounded corners.

Most likely, the device will receive a new processor. The previous player, the 2019 Apple iPod touch had a 4-inch display, an A10 Fusion processor, a 1.2MP FaceTime camera, and a single 8MP rear camera. Since these are unofficial renders, this material should not be taken as residual information. Perhaps, when released in the fall of 2021, the device will have slightly different characteristics.

Music players: a relic of the past or promising future?

The dynamics of the society in terms of listening to their music have changed a lot, and having to carry another device with you to do so is something tiresome for many. With the current trend, there is a better chance that the iPod will be outdated forever and remain one of Apple’s most progressive devices, but if they decide to renew it, they should do a good job of researching the price so it doesn’t look like a product. Perhaps the new device is more made mostly for nostalgic goals.

iPods went out of style at some point in time. But this happened not only with Apple. In general, this trend has touched the line of portable music players from other manufacturers, including one as large in this segment as Sony.

The reasons for this turn of events are related to the advent of smartphones and their immense versatility has diminished interest in other product groups such as compact cameras, handheld consoles, and portable music players. Apple also eliminated the iPod nano and shuffle from the market a few years ago, aiming to simplify its product line. 

The future of Apple players

Apple Music services have become more large-scale and AirPods wireless headphones still dominate sales, while recent news about latest technologies reports about lossless audio support in Apple Music will provide a modern listening experience on the 2021 iPod Touch 2021 with the 3.5mm headphone jack that Apple removed.

Also, keep in mind that these devices are not only designed for music but can also run applications or games (in the past, there were rumours of restarting it as a portable console), go online, make video calls or play video content. Besides, it is likely the new fads will appear considering that Apple is concentrating on augmented reality technology.

Overall, the iPod touch also remains the most affordable device to enter the Apple ecosystem, which also raises the likelihood of its popularity.

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