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Israeli company AirEye strengthens cybersecurity

Is a company able to maximize the security of all its systems and its employees? It is incredibly difficult to do so. Of course, you can always install state-of-the-art computer security software, but what about an aerial attack that is invisible to modern security tools?

That’s where AirEye’s latest development comes into play, which is capable of protecting companies from possible aerial attacks. Companies in Israel, Japan, and a number of European countries have already seen the effectiveness of AirEye’s innovation.

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Back in 2020

Interestingly, up until the fall of 2020, the company financed all of its development independently from the founders’ funds. And only then did they have Series A financing, which helped them raise capital from private investors.

The product offered by AirEye can quickly analyze the airspace and protect objects from attacks from the air, which cannot be detected by other means. Thanks to the timely analysis of airspace network traffic, it is possible to significantly reduce the area of a possible attack, as well as guarantee additional security for all systems.

Such a development has already been appreciated by Israeli banks, the largest factories, and other organizations that pay special attention to security.

Many companies make the mistake of only focusing on securing wired and wireless networks, completely ignoring possible air raids and attacks from neighboring networks, which very often lead to significant data leaks and major financial losses.

A UK company, for example, installed its AirEye solution at a time when it was undergoing cyber-attacks on an almost daily basis. The company’s security staff had no way of knowing where the data leaks were coming from.

AirEye solution against hackers

Thanks to the AirEye solution, it was deduced that hackers had been able to gain control over the surveillance cameras in the neighboring building, from where they were obtaining all the necessary information. They had their finger on the pulse of every email and important company document, and who knows what it would have gotten had it not been for the new developments from AirEye.

Even if the intruder is in another country, by accessing wireless devices that are nearby, he can easily intercept the company’s traffic through the airspace. He can easily infiltrate the network and gain full access to it.

AirEye’s CEO talks about how airborne attacks on U.S. government agencies became very common in 2020 during the global pandemic. Specifically, the Nebraska Legislature, the Department of the Interior, and the Department of Justice were attacked. You can spend an incredible amount of money on security, but if you don’t protect the airspace, it could all be for nothing. This is where the benefits of AirEye’s technology come in.

Benefits of using the product

The company’s product is absolutely unique and gives the ability to analyze the airspace and be immediately notified of any vulnerabilities. Thus, it prevents very serious attacks before they take place. A huge advantage of the company’s products is the high speed of installation and the lack of any complicated steps. You won’t have to make any changes to your network and install programs that you can’t be sure are secure.

Today, over-the-air attacks are the most dangerous of all existing for the reason that not every company knows about them and not everyone has the means to prevent them. All network firewalls and anti-viruses are helpless against such attacks so a company needs something new, fresh, and innovative. That’s exactly what AirEye’s solution is.

What’s next

The company has already raised $8 billion in investment for further development through Series A funding.

According to a survey conducted in 2020, it was found that approximately 72% of all data leaks are due to insecure airspace. The same companies that have already installed AirEye’s innovation have made an incredible contribution to their own security.

Other companies that ignore aerial attacks have no idea how much they are risking. After all, if you take the world war period, many of the soldiers also had no idea that they could be attacked from the air, but it was the control of the air that further predetermined the outcome of the war.

The situation with cybersecurity is very similar to a real war, only now the war is not about territory, but about control over data, the loss of which could not only bring major losses to the company but completely destroy it.

According to Jacques Benkosky, AirEye’s partner, today’s development is simply unparalleled. He also emphasizes that today many hackers and their imaginations are far ahead of the security systems of many companies. If companies do not take a quick look at all types of attacks, particularly from the air, the consequences could be catastrophic.

USVP absolutely agrees with that, saying that it is very difficult to resolve the issue of vulnerability of a company to air attacks. In this case, knowledge of cybersecurity issues alone is not enough, you also need to have knowledge in the field of radio-frequency transmission. It is very difficult to assemble a team competing in all issues and guarantee the security of all company systems, but it is always possible to use AirEye solutions because they were created by such specialists, the best of the best in their business.

It is important to understand that AirEye products are an excellent complement to the existing security system of the company, but do not replace it entirely. As for the sectors of application, there are no limits. Already now, these innovations are used by representatives of the banking sector, venture capital companies, firms operating in the healthcare industry, manufacturing and telecommunications, the aerospace industry, and others.

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