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Netflix is going to make its own video games

Netflix is one of the most well-known and largest subscription-based streaming services in the world. It employs more than 12,000 people and generates 25 billion dollars in revenue per year. The company was founded in 1997, and since then, the number of users has grown to 208 million. As of June 2020, more than half of Australians had a paid subscription to be exact 13.4 million.

Moreover, with more and more countries implementing stricter rights for copyright the number of users will continue to grow. It is the largest streaming service, which has more subscribers than Amazon Prime Video. Nevertheless, it is more expensive and a Netflix subscription costs 12,99$ a month.

Netflix availability and in-house production

Netflix is available worldwide except in several countries such as China, Syria, North Korea, and Crimea. The variety of movies available changes depending on your region. In Australia, around 445 TV shows and more than 1,600 movies are available with a Netflix subscription. For instance, some Australian series could be unavailable, if you leave Australia.

Netflix has started as a DVD rental and sales service, but in 2007 it introduced the streaming service. As the company rose, in 2013 it started media production. The first series produced in-house was the House of Cards series. Since 2013, Netflix has produced more than 1,500 movies and series and it continues to expand.

Netflix and renewable energy

Like many large companies, Netflix implements new technologies to decrease its negative impact on the environment. Since 2017 Netflix has been a member of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership program. It is a program, where businesses commit to the utilization of green power for their enterprise.

Moreover, by 2022 Netflix is promising to reach 0 greenhouse level emissions. It is intending to do so by investing in the development of the newest solar technology. It has invested in renewable energy and carbon offset projects in 23 different states in the United States and 16 different countries.

Netflix and video games

As it was mentioned before, Netflix has started as a DVD rental and sales platform, now it has its own large media production. With the pandemic, there was a substantial increase in Netflix users, and there was a significant rise in consumer spending on video games.

Nowadays, there are around 1.5 billion people who play video games. In 2020 the revenue from these video games reached about 170 billion dollars for the first time, and it is predicted to grow. In the first quarter of 2021, video games sales reached around 15 billion dollars and an annual increase of 30%. North America is the second-largest region for revenue generation from video games, but proportionally the video gaming industry generates substantial revenue from Australia and the United Kingdom.

Nevertheless, Netflix has not officially announced that it is planning to push into the video games market, recently it approached senior game industry executives. To join them in the creation of games and to create a subscription-based video game service.

Consequently, plans to expand into new markets and one of them is the video games market. Google, Apple, Sony and Microsoft, all have tried to create a Netflix-type platform, but for video games. However, none of them was able to create a platform, which would be as popular as Netflix. Moreover, they have poured millions into the industry and were unable to generate any substantial profit.

Netflix prospects on the video games market

It might be beneficial for Netflix as it has already made several movies and TV shows based on popular video games such as The Witcher and Castlevania. The Witcher series is one of Netflix’s biggest TV shows and millions await the launching of the second season at the end of 2021.

Moreover, Netflix has property rights for several in-house-based popular TV shows such as Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel, and To All the Boys. These series have enormous potential for the video games industry.

It is not clear yet, when and how Netflix will push into the video games market. However, with its popularity around the world, it could become the largest subscription-based platform for video games. 

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