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New architectural solution from ArchDaily in Qatar

In Qatar, for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, they plan to complete the establishment of an extraordinary complex full of many novelties and innovations in construction.

The high-rise establishment will be built in the form of four towers, which overall cover an area of 1.1 million square meters. Lusail Towers is a significant project for the city’s latest central business district. This was reported by Archdaily, which is a blog dedicated to architectural news, projects, new technology of agriculture products, events, etc.

What is the peculiarity of the project?

The towers are part of the changes to the city’s master plan for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The project is located around the central square and is planned to have access to the National Bank of Qatar and the Qatar Investment Authority, along with some other global organizations. Near the complex, there are different shops, boutiques, and restaurants that help revitalize the area.

Planning the construction of the project provides for spaces shaded from the scorching sun. Aimed at high scores in the regional global sustainability rating system, Lusail towers incorporate many thoughtful solutions and innovative approaches. Sustainable design has been a key design factor. Buildings include centralized heating storage with the use of phase change materials, high-pressure hydraulic systems, demand-controlled ventilation and capable LED lighting, and ultra-modern automation controls.

Modern architectural solution for urbanistic area

The project of the Lusail Towers complex in Qatar was planned by the Foster+ Partners architectural studio. As mentioned, it includes four oval skyscrapers, which will be erected next to the Lusail stadium.

And what is special about the skyscrapers? The thing is that the higher the floor of the tower, the greater its angle of rotation, which reaches 90 degrees. Besides, it is thanks to this solution that architects will be able to create the effect of an asymmetrical structure.

The facing material of the building will be aluminum facades, which will protect the premises from bright sunlight, while daylight can pass inside.

The new architectural project is also considered environmentally friendly. It is awarded four stars in the regional Global Sustainability Assessment System. The towers will feature a centralized heat storage system, high-pressure hydraulic system, ventilation on-demand, as well as LED lighting and automation complex. Buildings will be insulated with concrete panels.

The complex includes the headquarters of the National Bank of Qatar, the Central Bank of Qatar, the Qatar Investment Authority, and Qatari Diar.

Overall, the project, as part of a larger master plan, also designed by the architects to be completed ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Lusail Towers is conceived as a catalyst for the city’s latest central business district.

The project creators also have developed a plan to have a marina, residential areas, island resorts, shopping districts, luxury shopping areas, and entertainment venues, a golf course community, artificial islands, and several entertainment districts in the new building complex.

The construction of towers is still ongoing, and the construction is being carried out by state-controlled developer Qatari Diar in cooperation with Parsons Corporation and Dorsch-Gruppe.

Best decision for the region’s climate

Given the growing water scarcity in the region, wastewater, rainwater, and condensate are recycled and reused locally for irrigation and flushing toilets, significantly reducing the need for drinking water.

Buildings have molded concrete panels that give buildings a high thermal mass, with a minimum of perforated windows that reduce the amount of solar heat in the interior. Thus, 20% of the area is covered by a lush but drought-resistant landscape, where more than 70% of the species are native. Inspired by lessons from the region, the narrow, human streets and shady terraces create an inviting public environment at ground level, with building blocks arranged around courtyards that catch the cool breeze.

Key points about the modern architectural project

In general, the project is a fragment of a greater and more big-scale master plan, which is also developed by Foster Partners, and which is going to be completed ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The design of the four skyscrapers and catwalk buildings has been influenced by the climate of the region, creating an intimate urban landscape on a human scale, while simultaneously responding to a city on an urban scale. Foster Partners provided architectural and environmental design as well as structural and utility systems design for the entire project.

A unique, integrated design approach was critical to delivering a complex project under tight deadlines. Overall, in the last few years, Qatar has been an interesting place for implementing new contemporary projects and solutions using both new technologies of agriculture and urbanistic decisions.

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