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Skanska Starts Production Of Green D + Fuel

Skanska is one of the largest construction companies in the world. It is headquartered in Sweden but has numerous representative offices around the world. One of Skanska’s representative offices is located in Australia. The region is very important to the construction corporation. However, in Australia, corporate environmental requirements are becoming stricter every year. Because of this, many companies have to reduce CO2 and other harmful substances during their activities.

What Skanska is known for

Skanska is known for developing new technologies for agriculture, industry, and other areas. We are talking about technologies for the construction of large and complex facilities, as well as roads and social infrastructure buildings. Accordingly, the company has a lot of equipment that runs on diesel fuel. To reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, the company decided to produce Green D + fuel.

Green D + is an environmentally friendly diesel fuel, which is made from plant components. Its octane number and other characteristics do not differ from diesel. However, due to the plant origin, the level of harmful emissions during combustion is reduced. This reduces the emissions of diesel-powered special vehicles by almost half.

For a long time, Skanska bought Green D+ fuel from Green Biofuels Limited, headquartered in Ireland. As you know, Green D+ fuel was developed in 2013. Skanska has appreciated the benefits of environmentally friendly fuel over several years of use. As it turned out, diesel fuel reduces emissions of nitrogen oxide up to 30%, particulate matter up to 80%, and greenhouse gases up to 90%. This is an excellent result, which is difficult to achieve by other means.

What does Skanska have

Skanska has several tens of thousands of special vehicles in Australia and around the world that run on diesel fuel. After switching to ecological, plant-based fuel, the company was able to reduce harmful emissions by several tens of tons per month. So, the company decided to produce its Green D fuel from plant components.

As you know, a few years ago the company’s management set a goal to reduce carbon and other harmful emissions by 50% by 2030. And by 2045, the level of emissions from the company’s activities should be reduced to 95%. This strategy implies a total shift to cleaner fuels, as well as a partial replacement of gasoline and diesel vehicles with electric equipment.

Where Green D fuel is applied

A special role in achieving this goal is played by the start of in-house production of Green D fuel. This type of diesel fuel can be used in any special equipment, as well as in tractors. It does not require any changes in the vehicle design. The service life of equipment using green fuel is not reduced.

For now, the company is developing a strategy and plan to start production of Green D + fuel. This will take several months. At the same time, Skanska representatives are looking for the best location for production. The plant may be located in the territory of Australia. The fact is, green diesel production is also safe in terms of pollutant emissions. This is a good sign for the local authorities and the country’s leadership, which can encourage such production with tax incentives.

This step will help the development of clean fuel production around the world.

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