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Solar Innova received a new certificate of conformity

A group of companies specializing in the development of integrated solar photovoltaic products formed Solar Innova.

The company manufactures and sells solar photovoltaic equipment and solar heating systems, using new solar technology. Solar Innova also designs and develops technical projects through the sales network and launches turnkey facilities.

What Solar Innova offers

Solar Innova has an extensive portfolio of services designed to help clients improve the efficiency of their businesses.

The company helps its customers solve business problems with technology, using it as a tool for business, developing empathy for its customers to solve their problems, adding value to its solutions, limiting and mitigating risk, making the commitment, and maintaining reliability.

The company prides itself on having shareholders, customers, suppliers, and professionals, and its products and services can add value and help create a better world.

Solar Innova’s values, including empathy, efficiency, care for people, commitment, honesty, and commitment to excellence, guide the company’s decisions.

Overall, the main goal of Solar Innova is to gain recognition in the market for its high quality and efficiency. The company uses processes, proven methodologies, new solar technology, and tools that enable it to communicate the work of its manufacturing centers to each of its customers. In this way, it adapts to the needs of a particular business and guarantees maximum transparency throughout the entire process.

Obtaining a new certificate

Solar Innova receives a new conformity certificate and compliance with international standards (ISO 9001). Therefore, Solar Innova brings its commitment to sustainability to life more than ever and is committed to its business policy of complying with all certifications that comply with industrial and manufacturing protocol processes and meeting environmental requirements for the manufacture of its products after receiving the ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 certification, an international standard that refers to the management system applied by the company concerning the production of PV modules, means that Solar Innova adheres to a quality management system in the production and marketing of PV modules.

Among the additional benefits, this certification brings to companies is the security it provides to customers, as it shows that the company is providing products and services that meet customer requirements and the legal and regulatory requirements that certification implies. 

In the same way, ISO 9001 adds additional benefits to companies that materialize in satisfaction, including the consumer, through the effective application of the systems used by the said entity, including its processes for continuous improvement of the system and providing guarantees compliance with customer requirements.

Issuance of a certificate of conformity ISO 9001 is the final stage of the quality management system implementation procedure. Certification of quality management systems is carried out by specially formed certification bodies. They, in turn, are accredited by national organizations. There are also independent accreditation systems.

More about the organization

The International Organization for Standardization, or ISO (International Organization for Standardization, ISO), is the largest international non-governmental structure in the field of standardization and certification of goods, services, business, and technological processes.

Benefits of ISO 9001 certification

When performing according to ISO 9001 standards, the company receives better market experience, since effective quality management allows it following things:

  • to satisfy the needs of customers as efficiently as possible;
  • more rational use of time and money resources;
  • resolve errors that arise in a coordinated and prompt manner;
  • take staff motivation and involvement to a new level, contributing to the improvement of internal processes;
  • receive preferential lending terms and benefits when participating in tenders;
  • meet the requirements of foreign partners;
  • to increase loyalty to the company on the part of the authorities;
  • to provide goods and services of the best quality.

As a result, the company gets more clients and expands its business opportunities, up to receiving government orders and working with foreign companies.

Why does ISO 9001 certification improve the business?

ISO 9001 is a voluntary certification standard. The International Organization for Standardization, for its part, does not put forward recommendations in this matter, since it distances itself from certification by combining the functions of standardization and certification sins against objectivity, and ISO is the world’s largest developer of standards.

Thus, the development and implementation of a quality management system according to the ISO standard is an additional guarantee of product quality and competitive advantage.

Voluntary certification provides expert confirmation of product quality and helps build customer confidence, as in the case with Solar Innova.

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