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Tesla will soon release a new model

As soon as the media first became aware of the new battery technology tesla, the most famous websites started talking about it at once. However, much more resonance was caused by the news that Tesla will present a new model of its flagship electric sedan Model S Plaid. This model features high performance and a very attractive appearance.

How the company prepared for the release

Long before the presentation of this model, Tesla CEO Elon Musk conducted a pr-campaign in the best tradition, as only he knows how. Musk said that the Model S Plaid would be the fastest production car in history.

Whether Elon Musk can achieve this goal or not, but deliveries of the new model have already begun. Moreover, this made a real show, which was held in Fremont, California.

Franz von Holzhausen, head of the Tesla design department, was appointed to host the ceremony. Everything had to be extravagant, so the host took a huge sledgehammer in his hand and smashed the windows of the Cybertruck in front of the audience. After that, he introduced the head of the corporation, Elon Musk. It was not difficult to guess that the head of Tesla would drive a new Model S Plaid. To thunderous applause, Elon Musk drove around the Tesla test track. His fans were just delighted with this.

What the car can do

When he first started introducing the new model, he said that this car will accelerate to 60 km in just 2 seconds, but at the presentation of the Model S Plaid, he said that the car will not need even 2 seconds to achieve this goal.

He emphasized such important factors as safety and speed, saying that the new car will be much safer than a Volvo, but faster than a Porsche. However, further, Elon Musk had to talk about safety without so much enthusiasm, because it is known that the NHTSA has not yet assigned this model any safety rating.

If we believe the official Tesla website, the novelty has 1,020 horsepower under the hood, all-wheel drive, and three motors. The powerful battery has a range of up to 390 miles. If this model is equipped with the necessary tires for optimum distance on the chosen roadway, it can easily reach 200 miles per hour. However, the production of such tires is promised only closer to the fall, which is mentioned on the website in the very small print.

What kind of battery and motor will be in the new model

When it came to the battery pack, Elon Musk did not reveal any details at the presentation, just hinting that this battery pack is brand new and essentially innovative.

After a brief mention of the battery pack, the Tesla owner began showing a picture of the new model’s drive and drew attention to the carbon-wrapped rotor, which appears to be a real source of pride.

«You can hold this motor in your hands if you wish. It’s so powerful that it can accelerate a two-ton car to 60 km/h in less than two seconds. Considering its weight, that kind of power is something amazing. Let’s face it, it’s insane, » said a Tesla executive.

Once plugged into a Tesla charging station, this car will have 187 miles of range in just 15 minutes. At the same time, he stressed that everyone who attends the presentation will have the opportunity to experience this power in person by getting into the car.

What about the interior

He also touched on some of the interior changes, but most of them were already known in advance and were not a surprise.

Instead of the classic steering wheel, this sedan has a steering yoke. There is a 17-inch touchscreen display in the centre, and there is a second 8-inch display in the back so the passengers don’t get bored on the road. In addition, there are all necessary ports for connecting USB devices, laptops, and other devices.

At the presentation, there was also a very funny incident. At the moment when Elon Musk began to talk about the innovative user interface, many in the hall began to shout Waypoints. They had long been begging Tesla for a feature that involves setting waypoints so that you can visit several destinations at once in one trip by specifying them in the navigation system.

In response, Musk started laughing and it became clear that he was going to talk about something else. He stopped, though, and turned to the audience, «Do you need those waypoints that badly? Well, you win, we’ll make those waypoints just for you. Damn them! Deal. »

What functions will be supported in the car

He also didn’t forget to mention a feature like an autopilot. By turning on autopilot, the model will be able to guess the route and direction the driver wants to take. «You just turn on the autopilot and you can relax because further, you will not need to perform any extra actions, the car itself will read all your thoughts» – said the CEO of Tesla.

It is worth noting that this presentation was originally scheduled for June 3, but for some reason, it had to be postponed. As for the plans to release the Model S Plaid plus, through Twitter, Elon Musk said that the company abandoned such plans because the car presented by them is good enough as it is.

And, of course, Elon Musk did not forget to add a few phrases, after which you just want to get behind the wheel of this car:

«It’s impossible to put it into words… You’ll believe it only when you feel it yourself. »

By the way, the very next day after the presentation, the price of the car rose by $10,000 to $129,000.

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