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The main reasons for Windows “freezing”

An operating system freeze is its state when it malfunctions i.e. when the image and sound of the computer stops, and there is no reaction to our actions with the mouse or keyboard. The operating system may freeze at the stage of its loading and during operation. The work of our direction and the work of running games and third-party programs for their reasons. Windows may hang for a short time, but occasionally, for example, freeze during games. It may also freeze long before the end of the stupor of the problem process. And it can enter into a complete stupor, from which the exit is possible only through a hot reboot. What to do if Windows freezes? What are the reasons for this?

Why Windows tends to freeze

Before getting into the numerous settings, you need to decide what could be the possible reason for the loss of computer performance. Everything can be much simpler than it seems, for example, incompatible drivers, or their absence at all, accumulated garbage on the hard disk, non-compliance with system requirements, malfunctioning components. For example, when the thermal paste dries up, the processor also experiences brakes of a similar nature. You can check this with almost any tool for testing components. If the temperature on the processor is high or varies greatly among the cores, then this is the very reason. Also, owners of a small amount of RAM can be advised to increase the amount of virtual memory.

Main reasons for OS Windows freezing

New computers and operating systems are up and running almost instantly. But over time, everything changes, and, accordingly, the system starts to work slower, and sometimes even intermittently. As a result, this ends with the fact that the computer periodically freezes and does not respond to any commands. PC technology news often contains some useful information about the key reasons for the OS freezing.

Overall, a huge variety of reasons can provoke a freeze on Windows: hardware related to problems with computer components and BIOS; systems related to the operation of Windows itself; software related to the operation of games and third-party programs. The main reasons for Windows freezing are:

  • Overheating of the processor and video card;
  • Malfunctions of RAM, hard drive, power supply, and other computer components;
  • Weak computer components, unable to cope with the loads in games and resource-intensive programs;
  • Poor custom build of Windows;
  • Corrupted Windows files;
  • Windows file system errors;
  • Lack of space on the C drive;
  • Failed upgrade to a new version of Windows 10;
  • Antivirus conflict, resource-intensive antiviruses;
  • The work of third-party programs;
  • Old, new or malfunctioning drivers, driver conflict;
  • Malicious software.

If Windows freezes at the stage of its loading, while the system hangs tightly and does not work, to identify some reasons for this, you will need to boot the computer from the emergency WinPE. For example, to check the temperature of components, diagnose the hard drive, remove viruses blocking the system startup, try to restore the integrity of system files, try to remove drivers that cause conflict, etc.

Windows freeze: what to do

If Windows freezes during its work and does not respond for a long time, you need to press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys. These keys launch the system lock screen, launching some functions. This, in particular, logging out of the system and starting the task manager. Logging out will comprehensively complete our user tasks, including the process that caused Windows to hang. And with the help of the task manager, we can detect this process, which caused the entire system to freeze, and manually terminate it.

And then, perhaps, the system will come out of the frozen state. If not, then on the lock screen, press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to restart the computer. And even if this screen does not start, then we resort to a hardware hot reboot.

If Windows hangs at your boot stage, and then nothing happens, i.e. we see just a black screen or a frozen Windows logo, then this can also happen due to various hardware problems of the computer, which we will talk about later, and for such reasons as:

  • Problematic distribution of Windows installation.

In this case, you need to change the installation image of the operating system, in particular, use clean assemblies of Windows 7, 8.1, and 10;

  • The installation failed, resulting in system files being corrupted.

In this case, you need to reinstall Windows;

  • Lack of hardware drivers and computer technologies required to start the system.

Here you need to either install modern Windows 10 or integrate your hardware drivers into the Windows 7 installation image. Or you can use custom assemblies with integrated drivers for modern hardware.


We’ve covered the main reasons why a Windows computer can slow down, which is a popular topic in PC technology news. Of course, each case is unique and requires an individual approach, but using the knowledge of the above basic examples and reasons for freezing and ways to eliminate the causes of slowdowns in Windows, you can quickly and significantly improve the performance of your PC or laptop.

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