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The tiny gadget that changed Apple

In April 2021, Apple announced its tiny new AirTag gadget, which heralded a new milestone in the development of the newest technologies for the company. The new device is a small circular disc equipped with ultra-wideband technology, which is also found in the Apple iPhone 12 and other recent devices of the company.

Apple AirTag gadgets are designed to track personal items such as keys, wallets, bags, luggage and track the location of other items to which they are attached using the Find My network on iOS devices.

What are the characteristics of Apple’s newest little device?

The Apple AirTag tracker has a laser-etched stainless steel surface, making it more exclusive in appearance than some of its already existing rivals. The AirTag also has a removable battery that is claimed to last for a year. This is a standard CR2032 cell, so it’s simple to buy if you need to replace it. The device has a built-in loudspeaker. As you get closer, the iPhone begins to hum harder until you walk right up to the AirTag.

Besides, Apple AirTag can be personalized with, for example, an emoji or name. A selection of accessories is also available for the AirTag, including key chains and loops, which make it easy to attach the AirTag to different items such as backpacks and bags.

What can Apple AirTag do?

AirTag was developed using the newest technologies, as indicated by its key features. The tracker is in constant contact with the device within a radius of 10 meters, that is, via Bluetooth. Accordingly, it constantly transmits data to the network about its location.

If you lose a gadget with keys or a wallet at home, AirTag is simply detected thanks to the integrated speaker. It is rather loud, so it is impossible not to notice it. Thus, if the smartphone tied to the tracker is nearby, everything is extremely simple and clear.

What is the innovative nature of the smallest gadget Apple?

Apple takes it one step further by not only developing a new type of gadget but also by equipping it with high-end features, which make it irreplaceable in everyday life. For example, if someone discovers a device with an AirTag attached, they can click on it with any NFC device, and then they are redirected to a website containing the information the owner provided for contacting. This means that if you leave your wallet at a coffee shop, a person with a Samsung smartphone can find it, touch the AirTag, and call you to tell you that your item is found.

Another interesting fact is that to stop undesirable tracking, you can discover if an unknown AirTag is moving with you. This helps to avert someone from shoving an AirTag into your pocket and then monitoring your location. You will be warned about such unrecognized AirTags so that you can disable or revert them. Thus, AirTag ensures the user’s safety.

Since in the world of the newest technologies data confidentiality is a priority, ensuring the protection of user data when using AirTags is a critical issue for most of us.

Apple says that through the Find My interface, only the owner can track their AirTag. This means the signal cannot be intercepted as Apple’s end-to-end encryption reliably protects the signal transferred from the AirTag. 

Key Takeaways

AirTag has truly revolutionized the history of the company. This is a new step in the direction of the newest technologies that are designed to make life easier for users. With the help of this modern tracker, users can find lost or stolen items using the Find My app on their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Overall, AirTag is not only a useful device for those who tend to lose their items, but also the most affordable device from Apple. The gadget helps users to optimize the process of finding a lost item, which greatly saves time and effort.

The development of this device, without exaggeration, made a change in the history of the company, which now creates not only convenient and modern gadgets but also really useful ones.

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