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What a builder needs to know in 2021 to be in demand

Builder is considered one of the most demanded specialities today and has always been popular throughout the history of humankind. The profession of a builder includes many highly specialized areas and requires some special skills and knowledge.

Like a person with any other profession, builders must constantly improve themselves, improve their qualifications and keep abreast of the latest industry trends to remain in demand as a specialist and get a good job. It is also of high importance to follow relevant news in all spheres connected with construction and have a grasp of new technology in agriculture, environmental protection, etc.

In connection with the active development of construction, which has been observed in recent years all over the world, builders are becoming more and more in demand in the modern labour market. This fact can be considered the main advantage of the builder profession. However, there are some specific features and nuances of this industry, which require the constant development and flexibility of builders to be in demand. 

What skills are needed for a modern builder?

The latest data from the Master Builders Australia survey of buildings and structures confirmed that the construction industry in the country is booming. There are not many builders in Australia, so there is always a need for qualified specialists.

Here are the skills a builder needs in order to be in demand in 2021:

  1. Understanding the basics of physics. The builder who wants to be a real expert must know the basic laws of physics well and apply them in practice.
  2. Knowledge of building materials, their characteristics, and specifics. The specialist in the building industry must have relevant knowledge concerning building materials because the quality of the work result ultimately depends on what material will be used in a particular case.
  3. Knowledge of the principles and technologies of construction and the ability to apply them correctly. In the building industry, some special technologies are used, in which a specialist must be well versed.

Construction management has seen significant growth over the past decade, and the Australian Jobs Survey projects moderate growth over the next few years. It is also a well-paid job with an average salary 30% higher than the Australian average. Besides, Australia has many exciting construction projects planned over the next few years, covering all construction industry areas.

Trends to know

Trends in the building industry are primarily influenced by social changes such as lifestyles and the way people perceive prestige. However, legal provisions also play a significant role, encouraging designers and architects to choose forms that will meet the requirements, for example, concerning energy efficiency.

Today, many people choose environmentally friendly options and prefer some ecological materials, and this is forming a large-scale trend in this sphere. Among all the variety of styles offered, eclecticism and fusion are also very popular now, which resort to the use of expensive natural materials with a complex surface texture. For a builder, in this case, it is significant to be aware of how to work with given materials.

Besides, today many innovative technologies are being involved in the building process. For example, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) are being actively implemented. These technologies are already having a huge impact on many industries around the world, and the construction industry is not an exception. Buildings are becoming more complex, and these technologies help architects and construction teams improve designs and spot design errors.

Prospects of the profession of a builder

Today, architects and design teams are dramatically improving building design through new technologies, the impact on the industry of which is expected to grow even more. Accordingly, in 2021 a builder should keep up with modern realities and be aware of how to use new tools, involve new equipment in a working process, and constantly gain new knowledge.

A builder’s career advancement can lead an employee to higher-ranking positions. In general, career growth depends on the personal qualities and knowledge of the builder. Those who strive to remain in demand should be flexible, informed, and open to new ideas. Besides, today universal masters who have several specialities are in great demand, and such kinds of builders are being paid correspondingly higher wages.

There are such specialities that are relevant only for a certain period, and then the demand for such professionals simply disappears. This situation is due to the rapid technological progress, the introduction of innovative technologies. But there are professions for which the demand will never disappear. Moreover, with the development of technologies, the areas of work are increasing, and builders belong to such specialists.

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