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What you need to know about the new Linius update

The Australian cloud service provider Linius Technologies has released a new, revolutionary product that is considered to be a real find for video conference services users. According to Linius technologies news, the new platform covers two markets: the video conferencing market and the global enterprise collaboration. The new product is called Whizzard and its feature is that it is attached with Zoom, Webex Meetings, and Microsoft Teams.

Whizzard allows users to instantly search, collect and share video content during recorded meetings.

Linius CEO Chris Richardson talked about how they have established anchor clients in each of the targeted key verticals and thus bringing the company’s solutions to life.

According to him, Whizzard is a high-end and highly intuitive platform that implements the company’s strategy of proof and repetition.

Features of the new product

Linius Whizzard, completed with a range of enterprise conferencing and collaboration technologies including popular Zoom, Webex Meetings, and Microsoft Teams, is initially designed to serve two key markets: video conferencing and the global enterprise collaboration markets. Whizzard-meet is aimed mainly at the second market, and Whizzard-learn is the option for mostly the higher education market. Whizzard takes video data from video conferencing platform recordings and allows users to search within and between recordings, and aggregate snippets into new personalized videos to share with colleagues or fellow students.

Overall, Whizzard offers its users the services to convert long video content into small, relevant pieces of content to enhance knowledge sharing across the platforms they use.

The fast track to consistent revenue growth

Linius Technologies also shared their expectations regarding the possible future revenues. The company considers the new product to be a fast track to consistent returns growth. Therefore, Linius is looking forward to the video conferencing market growing at a compound annual rate of over 19% between 2020 and 2026.

Here are also some facts to consider about the new Linius product:

  1. Whizzard is now accessible to Zoom, Webex Meetings, and Microsoft Teams users, with Zoom and Webex, which represent more than a half of the global video conferencing market and hundreds of millions of users.
  2. Whizzard product packages are rather affordable and range from $4- $32 per user per month.
  3. Linius partner LiveTiles has white-labeled this solution and is now targeting its big customer base and corporate organizations around the world and has begun rolling out for its first major customer.
  4. Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts Whizzard’s platform, supports its AR services, and financially supports the product’s marketing efforts.
  5. Linius has secured the support of several early small clients and is supporting LiveTiles with their first client deployment. From now on, other customers can register for the service.

Where can I get it?

The Linius Whizzard platform is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which also supports its artificial intelligence services. AWS is also financially supporting product marketing efforts through the AWS Partner Network, and Linius is undergoing the listing procedure of Whizzard on the AWS Marketplace. This will contribute to the faster and simpler way for potential customers to find the new software, to test and buy

In the future, Whizzard will become a public platform that customers can subscribe to directly and start using the same day without the involvement of Linius staff.

Since Whizzard will be available on Zoom and Webex marketplaces, this allows the company’s partners to label the service as their value-added app.

Besides, Linius partner LiveTiles is already doing this, currently targeting its relevant customers and corporate organizations around the world.

Linius: an Australian based company as a progress driver

Linius Technologies is an Australia-based technology company that develops progressive and efficient products for the global markets. The company is engaged in the research and development of technology products, software development, and the commercialization and licensing of computer software. Linius Technologies specializes in video virtualization.

Regarding Whizzard, Linius has created a unique product that allows users to instantly search, collect and share video material during recorded meetings. Linius technologies news constantly comes up with innovative products and services.

Overall, the Australian company offers highly personalized video solutions. Linius can reveal data in video, creating unprecedented value for the internet video industry. This is a real breakthrough that is gaining weight in non-major markets in the world that rely on or use video content.

The company reaches great heights and its innovative solutions are highly regarded locally and internationally. Whizzard won the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) 2021 of the VIC “Technology Platform Solution of the Year” award.

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